Release 1.6 is out

April 9, 2011

It’s the same old story. What was supposed to be a small set of bug fixes to previous release, grew into a separate release of its own.

Version 1.6 turned out to be mostly about raster charts.

– First, BSB v4 support is now available on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) for both existing and new BSB v4 users. I would like to thank Canadian Hydrographic Service for their help and support in this matter – they’ve been great!

– Raster chart rendering has been sped up significantly, to the point where it will often be as fast as vector, if not more.

– Raster charts night colors have been customized for best visibility using custom colorization method. Thanks go to Pascal for pointing the issue out.

– Through the magic of re-projection, PolarView now supports raster charts in virtually any projection, including Polyconic and Transverse Mercator. This should provide appropriate coverage for Great Lakes sailors.

– Tide information is provided in tide station’s own time zone. Tide display now has live user-controlled slider to query data. Thanks to Rick for keeping my attention on the tide subsystem!

Documentation on using BSBv4 charts should be available on support site shortly.

Have fun!

PolarView NS 1.6 / PolarCOM 1.6

April 8, 2011

PolarView NS
– Improved and faster rendering of raster (BSB) charts
– Improved generated night palette for BSB charts
– Reprojection of BSB charts, support for BSB charts in most projections (including Polyconic, UTM)
– Support for BSB v4 charts including a built-in BSB v4 installer
– Show information on BSB chart datum and depth units
– Improved rendering of S63 charts
– Faster and more responsive “non-blocking” chart display
– Ability to query specific times and values on tide graph, including on-screen tide slider
– Support for world wide time zones and display of tide times in local timezone
– Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

– Bug fixes and updates

Tides & Currents (TCD) Databases

March 9, 2010

As you probably noticed, PolarView is supplied with a “copyright-safe” set of tides & currents for the US waters from NOAA. I often get asked for tidal data covering other parts of the world. The answer is that there is no “official” set of constituents that Polar Navy Co can provide for legal and organizational reasons.

That said, a number of TCD databases covering various areas of the world are available from various sources. Some of these files are collected and can be downloaded from this page. Please note that these are not in any way official, or guaranteed to be correct. They come from sources unknown and their quality can vary greatly. Also note that copyright status of such data may be not well established. Some of this data can only be legally used with free software. YMMV, as they say.

Tides in tropical paradise

PolarView 1.1/PolarCOM 1.1/PolarIS 1.1

December 17, 2009

– Tides & Currents (graphic/text display, TCD constituents database)
– GRIB wave direction display
– Improvements to ENC chart display and scaling, incorporating some user feedback.

PolarCOM/PolarIS – release to sync up version number with PolarView.