Modern Piracy

March 26, 2011

It is not much of a secret that there are cracks out there for many (perhaps most) software products. PolarView was fairly low on the radar of software crackers, until now that is. Thanks to their tireless efforts, PolarView now has a crack of its own (link removed – I decided not to provide these guys with free publicity 😉 )

Rather than ignoring the issue, I’d like to state my position on this:
1. PolarView protection is not particularly difficult to defeat and I do not plan on spending significant efforts on changes to the licensing process at this time.
2. Support is not provided to users of cracked copies of PolarView.
3. Users running cracked copies of PolarView are strongly advised *not* to upgrade. Attempting to upgrade cracked copy of PolarView will result in removal of PolarView data profile.