PolarView 3.0.5

June 4, 2018

PolarView NS
– Native 64 bit support for MacOS
– ActiveCaptain download discontinued
– Bug fixes
NOTE: PowerPC support is still available, but may be removed in future versions

Quick Video Demo

June 2, 2010

Below are a few videos demonstrating some of the basic functionality of PolarView. I did not spend much time on it so quality is not great. I still need to figure out how to annotate mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Some of the features in the video are not yet available in the current release – but will be in the upcoming version.

Demonstrating how to lay a route:

Miscellaneous options including:
– Setting and moving a waypoint
– Changing palette colors
– Showing tide information for a given tide station
– Searching chart list for a specific chart

Using a GRIB viewer:

A better demonstration of a GRIB viewer (using an older version of PolarView), made by a user. Thank you!

PolarView 1.2/PolarCOM 1.2/PolarIS 1.2

January 20, 2010

The 1.2 release is an important maintenance release. It addes a few new features, and numerous improvements and fixes for user-reported issues. This release also brings up to date our Linux product versions with complete PolarIS functionality now available to Linux users. In addition, Mac version is now a universal binary supporting both Intel and PowerPC (G4) Mac systems.

– Display bearing and distance on each leg of current and navigation route
– Route reverse option
– Improved vessel marking when anchor alarm is set
– Better track handling (including distance and time calculation)
– Numerous improvements to ENC chart scaling and rendering
– Better support for Windows 7 (64 bit)
– Linux version update

– Added default dial panel for initial installation
– New ports with “autostart” option start immediately once added
– Analog BTN dial
– Light up currently selected alarm icons in alarm panel
– Improvements to NMEA parsing and calculation of wind, depth, XTE
– Better handling of serial port data

Mac PowerPC Support

January 20, 2010

By “popular demand” we now provide Mac version of PolarView and PolarCOM as a universal binary supporting both Intel based systems as well as PowerPC (G4).

PowerPC based Mac systems are now becoming somewhat dated and may not support some of the optimizations available on Intel machines. Please set your expectations of our product performance accordingly.

Please note, that support for PowerPC based systems is limited. We provide this version on the “best effort” basis. If you encounter any issues while using PowerPC version of our products – feel free to contact us, but remember that platform specific issues may be difficult to resolve.

PolarView/PolarCOM Update

November 23, 2009

This is an intermediate maintenance release that fixes a few issues in version 1.0 of the product.

PolarView: show bearing/distance information when moving waypoint used in route.

PolarCOM: solves a number of serial port connectivity issues – if you had a problem making your GPS work with PolarCOM, this update should resolve it (or so I hope).

Documentation Now Online

October 23, 2009

Documentation for all our products is now available online, as well as with PolarView download. Admittedly, these are “Quick Start Guides”, but they do contain enough information about core product functionality to get a new user up to speed. It certainly is my intention to stick to the KISS principle, so that the learning curve for our products would be minimal.

PolarView Beta 0.6

May 25, 2009

– Support for routes and waypoints (manager, visual editing)
– Great circle or rhumb line routing
– Distance/bearing measurement in true or magnetic degrees
– Import/export route and waypoint data to GPX and CSV files
– Improved chart scaling
– Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) compatibility restored
– Quick Start help page included
– Various fixes to rendering, GRIB handling and others