PolarView NS 2.0.4

February 9, 2015

PolarView NS
– GRIB viewer updates, including on-screen GRIB time slice control
– New GRIB data models: GFS and NWW3 at 0.5 degrees, and combined GFS & NWW3 model including all data (wind, waves, pressure, precipitation)
– Switch active route by Shift-clicking on it in a chart view
– Import routes and waypoints from GPX/CSV as visible
– Bug fixes and general housekeeping

PolarView NS 1.8 / PolarCOM 1.8

October 31, 2011

PolarView NS
– Extensions to anchor alarm to allow editing anchor position and guard circle radius directly on a chart
– Additional navaid light sector display mode – allows light sectors to be “lit up” to show range
– Restore correct chart panning direction for MacOS 10.7 Lion
– Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

– Analog anchor instrument displaying distance and bearing to anchor from ship position
– Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

GRIB data service will now require an activated copy of PolarView NS after free trial period.

Updated GRIB Demonstration Video

February 5, 2011

After a long while I finally got my hands on iMovie. Here is the result – a slightly updated, annotated video demonstrating use of GRIB viewer and download in PolarView. Enjoy! 🙂

PolarView NS 1.4 Update (Mark II)

August 22, 2010

While the next full version product release is quite a ways off, an update is now available with some important functionality users have been asking about.

PolarView NS 1.4.72 is now available for download. This update brings:

– Improved support for BSB charts using datums other than WGS84

– GRIB display now supports precipitation rate (“rain”), and precipitation data has been added to Polar Navy GFS GRIB data download.

– GRIB display now supports ocean currents and water surface temperature display. New data model for Atlantic ocean currents has been added to our GRIB download service. Based on excellent Real-Time Ocean Forecast System for Atlantic waters, provided by NOAA, this data is useful to all mariners looking for Atlantic current and water temperature information. You know what that means – fishing 🙂

The update is available for download now.

GRIB download for older versions of PolarView

July 2, 2010

Dear users,

Most of our current GRIB service users access it with recent versions of PolarView. However, a few users still use some of the early and “beta” releases. These older versions of PolarView have a number of issues related to reliability and correctness of GRIB display. To encourage these users to upgrade, our GRIB service will now be available only to users of PolarView versions 1.1 and above.

To check your PolarView version see “About” dialog. If your version is 1.1.x or above – you do not need to do anything. If you are using version 1.0.x or any of the early “betas” – please upgrade to continue using GRIB download service.

Newer versions of PolarView include support for NWW3 model with wave height and direction, as well as higher-density 0.5 degree GFS model.

PolarView 0.7 – Update

August 5, 2009

– Built-in GRIB download service
– GRIB data extracted from NOAA NCEP GFS and NOAA WaveWatch III (NWW3) models
– Graphical on-chart GRIB download area selector
– Fix a few issues with Linux interface

PolarView Beta 0.6 – Update

June 26, 2009

– Improved GRIB support
– Isobaric pressure
– Wave height area contours
– Direct wind/wave/pressure/temperature query