PolarView NS 2.0.4

February 9, 2015

PolarView NS
– GRIB viewer updates, including on-screen GRIB time slice control
– New GRIB data models: GFS and NWW3 at 0.5 degrees, and combined GFS & NWW3 model including all data (wind, waves, pressure, precipitation)
– Switch active route by Shift-clicking on it in a chart view
– Import routes and waypoints from GPX/CSV as visible
– Bug fixes and general housekeeping

PolarView NS 1.9.7

May 15, 2013

PolarView NS
– Restore support for USACE inland charts
– Improved support for IENC (Inland) chart format
– Ability to save multiple routes or tracks in a single file

PolarView Beta 0.6

May 25, 2009

– Support for routes and waypoints (manager, visual editing)
– Great circle or rhumb line routing
– Distance/bearing measurement in true or magnetic degrees
– Import/export route and waypoint data to GPX and CSV files
– Improved chart scaling
– Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) compatibility restored
– Quick Start help page included
– Various fixes to rendering, GRIB handling and others