PolarView NS 2.0.4

PolarView NS
– GRIB viewer updates, including on-screen GRIB time slice control
– New GRIB data models: GFS and NWW3 at 0.5 degrees, and combined GFS & NWW3 model including all data (wind, waves, pressure, precipitation)
– Switch active route by Shift-clicking on it in a chart view
– Import routes and waypoints from GPX/CSV as visible
– Bug fixes and general housekeeping

4 Responses to PolarView NS 2.0.4

  1. Mark says:

    Windows 7 is telling me that it cannot install unless I uninstall the existing version. I have not had this happen with previous updates.

  2. Bob says:

    Can I use one of my 5 downloads on a Windows system and another on an Android system?

    Updated no problem on my Windows 8

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