PolarView NS 2.0.3

PolarView NS
– Updates to support changes in ActiveCaptain data
– Quick routes saved between PolarView restarts
– Exit on closing main window under MS Windows restored
– Bug fixes and general housekeeping

4 Responses to PolarView NS 2.0.3

  1. Marc Bodian says:

    Love this program! Sure wish you had an Android app. Any idea if you will be doing one?

  2. Peter K says:

    Just wondering if there is any future support for adding a radar overlay onto PolarView?

    • polarnavy says:

      Most radar manufacturers provide data in proprietary formats that are not available to 3rd party developers. Because of that, meaningful radar integration is not really possible.
      There is an NMEA-like standard for radar targets (ARPA radar) – but it’s fairly limited in scope and usually not what users want. It’s on a long term TODO list.

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