ChartWorld orders unavailable

We were just notified by ChartWorld that from January 1st, 2014 new orders of charts through PolarView NS built-in ordering system will no longer be possible. We expect that users with existing orders would be able to continue accessing updates for their charts. Please see attached message for details.

Update: we were notified by ChartWorld that the built in ordering capability cannot be restored. Existing users of built-in download will be able to continue downloading updates to their ChartWorld orders until July 2014.

For further information please contact ChartWorld directly at

Dear Polar Navy,

Unfortunately our bank’s credit card service provider discontinues the payments via API on very short terms. The bank offers a so called ‘Payment Page’ to which the customer (at least in our webshop) will be redirected to and where the payments take place. Alas, this cannot be used within your Polar View software. This means, that from January 1st your software will not be able to process credit card payments for ChartWorld’s charts.

We’re really sorry of not having been able to inform you earlier, but we received this information some days ago. We’re eagerly looking for an alternative solution which does prevent your software from being changed, but we’re not sure if such solution exists. Anyway, we cannot provide a solution until January 1st, so payments will not be successful anymore.

8 Responses to ChartWorld orders unavailable

  1. Georg says:

    As an interim solution: How about just creating a “Basket” file that can be uploaded to the chartworld page? Payment would be handled by chartworld webpage but the selection of the charts would still be withing polarview.
    best regards

  2. mark says:

    So can I pay chartworld direct and use the purchased charts on Polarview? If so what is the process?

    • polarnavy says:

      Please follow instructions in this article for manual ChartWorld chart installation:,21

      • mark says:

        Just a quick thing I noticed here. This is the comment at the top of the instruction page. Written in big bold red letters.

        ARCHIVE – not for current use! Might be an idea to remove this message if it now for current use.

        Now as I read on through the link provided and given I am reading this correctly. We will be able to download a chart but it will be of use on only ONE computer.

        If this is correct it means the land based navigator who supports me using my home desktop computer while I am racing at sea using my macbook air laptop will need to buy a 2nd set of everything I buy.

        Am I reading the instruction correctly?

        Thank you.


        P.S. Just to clarify the process be it of use on only one or two computers.

        1. Use Polarview to select charts I need.
        2. Go to Chartworld website and buy those charts.
        3. The charts will be downloaded from chartworld to my Macbook. The machine I use on the boat at sea.
        4. I save said chart to the directory which contains my polarview charts.

        Really appreciate your support and am saddened you have hit this glitch. I love the Polarview software. Wishing you well in sorting it all out.

    • polarnavy says:

      This blog isn’t really the best medium for support questions. Please use our support forum for any follow up.

  3. mark says:

    O.K. I will go take a peek. Thank you.

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