PolarView NS 2.0

PolarView NS
– Instrumentation, alarm and NMEA multiplexor functionality from PolarCOM is now included in PolarView. PolarCOM has been retired. We thank PolarCOM for its faithful service!
– Bug fixes and general housekeeping

4 Responses to PolarView NS 2.0

  1. Jim Hebert says:

    I was initially concerned that there might be some loss of functions with the removal of PolarCom, but it seems all PolarCom features have been retained and moved into PolarViewNS. Thanks for maintaining the amazing flexibility of PolarCom’s features.

  2. mark says:

    Very Cool.

    I just downloaded PolarView NS Version 2.0.2 to a Macbook Air running OS X Lion Version 10.7.5

    After download when I clicked on the Globe Icon it loaded the files and created a new Icon in my Main Navigation Menu. I trashed the old Polarview Icon and Polarcom Icon and all is fine.

    A quick check shows all charts and routes have been protected. Well done Polarview.

    Really couldn’t be easier. Thank you.

    Mark Smith.

  3. John says:

    Wow, very nice. I updated PolarView NS a while back and didn’t realize PolarCom had been integrated. Since then I updated to OS X Mavericks. Yesterday, running PolarView and the old PolarCom at the same time totally crashed my Mac, twice in a row! This morning I came here and read the notes. Duh! Glad its integrated, seems to work great.

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