PolarView MX 1.2 Update

Update for PolarView MX 1.2 is now available in the AppStore.

It provides:
– A workaround to a few GUI bugs introduced by iOS 7 (Thanks Apple)
– A fix for ActiveCaptain data update

6 Responses to PolarView MX 1.2 Update

  1. Jason says:

    Anyplans to add support for other chart sources?
    I have an S57 chart for my local waters that I would love to use with PolarView MX.

    • polarnavy says:

      Not currently. There are few accepted publicly accessible and free S57 chart sources aside from NOAA charts. Allowing users to use their own S57 charts would likely expose us to claims of copyright violation, which is a sure way to be kicked out of the App Store. There is not much recourse for a small company if something like that happens. Little to gain, and a lot to lose, unfortunately.

  2. Stuart A Bell says:

    How do I find MX on my ipad? It isn’t in the the app store

  3. I have Polarview MX on my old IPAD – it works VERY WELL – but I need to re-load it on a new IPAD. Is there any way I can copy the program from one IPAD to the new one? Hate to see a fine piece of work disappear.

    Will it be back????? (clearly, I’ll pay a subscription fee.)

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