PolarView MX 1.2

– Adds ActiveCaptain support. Shows ActiveCaptain POI on a chart and in the list. Adds display of ActiveCaptain POI object information and reviews. ActiveCaptain database is downloaded to local storage, to make POI info available offline, without need of permanent Internet connection.

– Adds vector chart object information. Query navaids, depths, obstructions and other chart features.

– Adds ability to “light up” sector lights to show nominal light coverage on a chart to scale.

– Adds “touch marker” to show position of tap on a chart. In navigation mode will show bearing and distance to touch marker from the ship.

– Various bug fixes.

5 Responses to PolarView MX 1.2

  1. Richard Norman says:

    Thank you! Great enhancement to this APP. Keep up the good work.

  2. Stuart Bell says:

    Do I have to buy a new license for the upgrade? If not, where do I download it? Thank you. /Stu


  3. Doug Hart says:

    Fantastic chart plotter. Any future plans to add PolarCom type capability for iOS devices? I would love to feed instrument data to this and link it to my autopilot as with PolarView NS.

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