PolarView MX 1.1

– Adds live ship display on a chart for devices that have GPS receiver.
– Will show SOG/COG, range circles and recent track.

Note that this program *does not* provide GPS tracking when in background.

15 Responses to PolarView MX 1.1

  1. nick says:

    Does an iPhone 4 count as a “device that has a GPS receiver”?
    I would think so but the live ship display doesn’t seem to do anything. Am I missing something?

  2. Jason Taylor says:

    Love it. Used it today on a friend’s boat in Fort Pierce during a lazy sail. I have to say that you Americans have it really good with the NOAA charts being freely available and downloadable right from your phone.

  3. Fergal says:

    Good morning, I just bought MX1.1 and the big question – How do I download UK & IRL charts ?

  4. Hold on, euro charts are probably on the list of “To Do’s”. Question: Why doesn’t the app store list the latest version automatically as a new update?

  5. gilwellbear says:

    How do I get access to the PolarView MX forum? I need the User Guide.

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