PolarView on iPhone & iPad

PolarView MX is now available as a free download for iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2/New. At this point it is a viewer for NOAA vector and raster charts. It provides a fully quilted seamless chart view for your enjoyment.

Here is a link to PolarView MX in App Store

More to come in due time – watch this space for announcements.

10 Responses to PolarView on iPhone & iPad

  1. Mike says:

    I’m teaching a “SmartPhone Apps for Boaters” class next week. This is just in time to share with the attendees. Good Stuff!

  2. Yea, PolarView on my iPhone, boo not supported on my iPad gen1.

  3. mark says:

    Polarview MX on the iPad, I love it.

    On the chart download page what do the two squares and color indications of green and yellow mean?

    Could not find any user guide for the new app, is there one out yet?

    • polarnavy says:

      There is no user guide and I don’t expect one to be available anytime soon, at least not until most major features are in place.

      I hope to have a new support forum shortly with an FAQ section that will answer some of the common questions.

      In the meantime, my best suggestion is to poke buttons and find out 🙂

    • polarnavy says:

      Mark, thank you!

      To be honest, I feel that it’s a bit early for a review. PolarView MX right now is essentially a small part of what it should be eventually.

      That said, I think the entire current feature set could be fully explored in under 5 minutes (as tested on some of my non-marine users 🙂 )

      All you can do now is:
      1. Select chart catalog (RNC/ENC/USACE), update it, select and download charts from a given catalog. Filter charts by installed/not installed/expired and current view.

      2. Switch between vector and raster charts, switch chart colors (day/night/traditional), set depth contour for vector charts, set units.

      3. Pan and zoom around

  4. What’s the timing on the next update?

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