PolarView NS 1.7 / PolarCOM 1.7

PolarView NS
– Integrated ordering and download of world-wide cartography from ChartWorld
– Integrated download of USACE inland vector charts
– Export chart view to PDF document or image, in lieu of printing
– Manage and sort charts as packages
– Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

– Support for AIS “Pilot Plug” own position (AIVDM)
– Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

12 Responses to PolarView NS 1.7 / PolarCOM 1.7

  1. Anders says:

    When can we see a split window function.
    That would take Polar Navy to a good to a super navigation program.

  2. Tim Docker says:

    Tried this out on the weekend. The PDF export is handy for producing a quick reference chart for a cove or bay to have on deck.


  3. Charles Grunau - M/V Compass Rose II says:

    I have PV & PC version 1.5.42 . We used it as our primary navigation source from NYC to Miami and back (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011). It performed beautifully. The only issue seemed to be picking up (downloading) detailed vector chart information for a few areas in northern GA and southern SC on the ICW. (Internet connection was OK).

    That said the program was powerful, intuitive, and reliable.

    How does one upgrage to the current versions (PV & PC)?


    • polarnavy says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback!

      NOAA vector chart coverage of East Coast is almost as good as raster charts by now, but a few areas with lesser detail remain. Based on the pace of chart updates, it would seem like the coverage should be complete soon.

      To upgrade, visit download page at http://www.polarnavy.com/download, download current release of both PolarView and PolarCOM, and install. You do not need to uninstall previous version to do so. All your routes, waypoints and settings should be automatically converted for use with the new version.
      You may want to make sure you have a current backup of disk C (or at least PolarView profile directory) just in case. Please contact support (www.polarnavy.com/support)if you’d like additional details.

  4. Anders says:

    I think that even the basic user can benefit from a split window function.
    But on your side may be it is quite a big project to implement.

    I must say that your chart engine is suberp with BSB charts compare to others.


  5. Mark S. says:

    I am not sure where to leave feature requests. The program is great! I have been using it from Norfolk to Maine. I do wish the wind indicators for direction could be digital instead of analog as I have them small on top of the chart and they are the arrows are difficult to see. I would also like it if you could print out the route from Route Manager so you could have a paper copy in case all electronics fail.

  6. Jason Taylor says:

    Hi Gene,

    Are there any plans in the works for a “chart server” kind of setup? Ideally, something that would allow multiple computers/screens on a boat to share one chart database. Unfortunately for me, my only option for charts is BSB4 from the CHS. While licensing for PolarView allows for 5-ish computers, the CHS licensing only allows for two keys to be generated. If a chart-server existed, the CHS charts could be registered to that computer, and then I would be able to use whichever PolarView client I liked, whether it be my ubuntu netbook, my wife’s MacBook, my frankenputer with touch screen or another small tablet that I have on board. While the computer count has gone up, the spirit of all licenses is being upheld since I am on one boat, piloting one course using one instance of the charts. And it would certainly make recovering from using an unprotected laptop in inclement weather in the cockpit quicker and easier.

    Also, on the subject of split window, what about multi-headed computers, or computers with several of those 7″ USB mini monitors? Can we open a chart in a new window? I have not yet tried, but can multiple instances of PolarView be run from one computer? How would the lock-file issue be resolved? Can a lock-file location be specified at runtime? Would creating a series of chroot jails, aside from using more resources, side-step the issue?

    Really, this isn’t that big a deal, but it would certainly be sweeeet (with all the extra e’s) to have such a feature and lord it over my friends with more spendy but less capable toys on their boats.



    • polarnavy says:

      There are no plans for a chart-server configuration. Even if we were to do so technically, licensing for BSBv4 charts is controlled by CHS and would still require separate license for each *display*. You could always try S-63 charts from CHS, as sold by ChartWorld, which can be used on multiple installations.

      PolarView as of now is a single-chart-view application and will likely stay that way. Part of core PolarView design is keeping things simple and limiting feature growth to what is strictly necessary.

  7. Mike Freeman says:

    Here is what I do to get multiple displays onboard
    – HP nc6000 laptop running Polarview & Polar Com.
    – I Installed “Splashtop Streamer” on the laptop.
    – I use an iPAD as the roaming monitor. It has “Splashtop remote” installed.
    – I “tether” them both to my android phone, which I have continuously charging on 12v.

    Once PolarView and Splashtop are running on the laptop, I can view the desktop on the iPad. This allows me to view and interact with PolarView from locations on the boat other than at the helm station.

    The Key ingrediants are the Splashtop software, the iPad and a cell phone that allows tethering. Tethering is basically a functionality similar to that provided by your LAN router at home.

    Voila! a remote display!!

  8. Mark S. says:

    Thank you Mike. I have an iphone and Apple says I cannot use it as a router (tether) unless I have 3g service. I have been looking into a battery powered router by Sapido. Can you manipulate the screen or just view it on the ipad using Splashtop Streamer? Hopefully there is a Mac version as I am using a Macbook Pro for Navigation.

    • Mike Freeman says:

      I am able to manipulate the display and interact with the PolarView Software. It requires learning the process for emulating mouse clicks. Splashtop has their own metaphors for the mouse functions. Not difficult to learn fortunately, and they show a reminder of them when you login remotely.

      You can download the components and try it at home if you have a wireless router. The Spashtop website shows a Mac version…… Theoretically, you can remote your Mac desktop to an iPhone. I haven’t tried that configuration……

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