Activation Code Renewal

PolarView licensing is based on a unique serial number, that is specific to each computer and operating system, as described in this article. Normally,  activation code will activate up to 5 computers with distinct serial numbers. The intention is to allow users to have up to 5 simultaneous copies of PolarView NS.

Sure, 5 systems is quite a bit – most users don’t actually have that many computers on board (or at home for that matter). But what if you need to reinstall operating system or buy a new computer? Until now, once you ran out of original 5 activations, the only solution was to buy another activation code. It’s a good thing that, feature for feature, PolarView is the most money can buy – when it comes to navigation software.

Now there is a better way to handle this issue. Users who have used up all of their activations, are now eligible to renew their activation code and get one additional activation, which can be used to reinstall PolarView on a replacement computer, whether you buy new hardware or reinstall operating system. Users are allowed one re-installation activation code per 6 months. This period will be reviewed during the course of this program.

If your activations have ran out and you need to reinstall PolarView, or you simply want to know how many activations you have remaining, visit this page:

2 Responses to Activation Code Renewal

  1. Yet another excellent reason to continue supporting this software. It was a fantastic deal before, this makes it even better.

    Hats off to you again, Gene. Your customer-centric focus is exceptional.

  2. Chris says:

    I like this approach. My hardware changes (crashes or dies) approximately every two to three years. So I don’t need every six months but I would like to re-install on replacement computers without losing a first born or having to call tech support to plead for a new activation. Thanks folks. I like the software.

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