Another GPS option for PolarView & PolarCOM

Just recently I got a chance to order and use another compact USB GPS receiver – ND 100 by GlobalSat.

This receiver uses the same drivers as it’s cousin – the ever popular BU-353 about which I previously blogged here.

Since I already have the Prolific chipset drivers installed, ND-100 worked right out of the box. In my test it quickly acquired a fix and provided position to within about 5 feet – all *indoors*. It also appears to have a bit less of a stationary “course drift” than my BU-353s, though that could be individual device issue.

The primary advantage of this device is a form factor – rather than being a GPS “mouse” it is a “USB stick”, the size of average external flash drive, though it feels a bit heftier. It fits well into my netbook and avoids messing with wires. That said, one drawback may be that it requires additional space to the side of netbook, least it catches onto something and pops out of the USB socket. No big deal though, it can be plugged right back in – and no harm done. PolarCOM will reacquire the connection shortly.

All in all another good option, available on Amazon for about $35.

One Response to Another GPS option for PolarView & PolarCOM

  1. mark says:

    I just received and installed this Dongle. The ND-100s. It works very well. I am using it in a Macbook air with Lion 10.7.2

    Initially I had a bit of fun getting the right driver as I could not use the mini disk supplied due to macbook air not having any slots. I downloaded the driver but grabbed the wrong one. The support team at Globalsat stood by and helped me delta the first driver and get the right one moving. The unit is very good and Seann at globalsat really helped me to get going.

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