Modern Piracy

It is not much of a secret that there are cracks out there for many (perhaps most) software products. PolarView was fairly low on the radar of software crackers, until now that is. Thanks to their tireless efforts, PolarView now has a crack of its own (link removed – I decided not to provide these guys with free publicity 😉 )

Rather than ignoring the issue, I’d like to state my position on this:
1. PolarView protection is not particularly difficult to defeat and I do not plan on spending significant efforts on changes to the licensing process at this time.
2. Support is not provided to users of cracked copies of PolarView.
3. Users running cracked copies of PolarView are strongly advised *not* to upgrade. Attempting to upgrade cracked copy of PolarView will result in removal of PolarView data profile.

9 Responses to Modern Piracy

  1. Just a client says:

    I’ve known polarview through a download page that had the crack. It is a fantastic tool and I’m going to buy it because the price is not very high.
    Piracy is not always bad.

    • polarnavy says:

      Kind-of like saying that it’s good to shoplift because a thief might like what he stole and one day buy that product too 🙂

      PolarView is a fantastic tool. Most of its functionality is free. What little is not free, is extremely cheap. Anyone that does not like the product enough to pay the minimal fee really does not *like* using PolarView. And if you don’t like a product – picking it up just because you could steal it is sort of pointless.

      More importantly, this product is taking a lot of my time and effort. I do this because I enjoy building PolarView and I’d like users to enjoy it too. Stealing hurts me personally and makes me wonder if continuing to produce this product is really worth while. If PolarView is no longer available – only competition will benefit.

  2. Tim says:

    I learn of polarview via panbo, and recently purchased a license.

    I’m excited about the software. In particular, I like:

    – the multi-platform support (esp. linux)
    – support for S63 encrypted charts
    – excellent email support

    At $40 for installation on up to 5 machines, it’s very good value indeed… and the two week trial period gives ample opportunity to test things out before paying.

    I’d be surprised if most real world users don’t feel the same way as I do. Apart from the basic moral principles involved, I wouldn’t want to discover at sea some bug or crash introduced as a side effect of the cracking process.

  3. I use, love, and recommend PolarView to all of my sailing clients and students. The price is extremely reasonable, the updates are solid and valuable, and the support is first class. I think to pirate such quality software does everyone a huge disservice, especially those of us who depend on the continuation of this software for our navigation and safety.

    That said, I applaud Gene’s position on this – to focus on the software and not the piracy – as I believe firmly that those of us who are true users of the software will always be willing to support it at a fair price. Allowing the existence of piracy to degrade the support and development of such excellent software would be worse on those of us who actually sail and don’t just play with electronic toys – and nearly all of *us* pay for our software.

    So kudos on the mature response, Gene. Those of us out here who care do notice.

    • polarnavy says:


      Thank you for the positive response, much appreciate it!

      There is no winning in a game of “one-upmanship” with software crackers. They have more time and resources devoted to this. Companies from Adobe to Microsoft have not been successful in preventing it. So, I have a fairly clear view of my chances 🙂

  4. I want to tell you how much I love Polar Navy. I have bought many other products including EarthNC, iNavx, Garmin iQue (Palm) charts, Maptech Ocean Navigator and updated Maptech charts for 8 years, so I feel that I am able to make a logical comparison. In any event, I do have an opinion, and that is that Polar Navy is the best product I have used on the PC/iPhone/iPad. I keep looking for the “gotcha” for such a good product at such a good price. The deeper I look the more impressed I become. I love the ability to choose between Raster and Vector charts. I am learning to like the Vector better than Rastor, even though I cut my teeth on the NOAA paper charts. With new technology being added, I love the ability and ease of adding Active Captain information (of which I am a great fan), and especially the GRIB data for planning crossings. Last night I tested Polar with the GPS and as soon as I plugged in the GPS usb connector, it automatically configured itself and put me on the charts. When I read about all the capabilities of Polar Navy, I thought how great it would be to have those features, but I was concerned that it would be so complex to configure that I wouldn’t want to spend the time becoming a computer/communications guru. How wrong I was. Polar Navy is very user friendly and intuitive. I have used the trial for 15 days and now I’m buying it. I hope everyone else does so that the product can continue to develop.

  5. Trevor Greenfield says:

    I have been using PolarNavy since I was looking to make my own chartplotter on my laptop and didn’t want to spend a lot of money doing it. SeaClear and OpenCPN were out there, but lacking good ENC and NMEA integration was a major downside. Once I installed it, it was like finding gold in the street. The PolarCOM interface being so customizable, and the chartplotting capabilities extensive, PLUS custom color combos, it was a no brainer.

    At the price then, I can’t remember whether it was $39 or $49 it was a BARGAIN compared to the alternatives. I gladly shelled out the price, and frankly I dont buy many softwares, I usually opt for the free alternatives. Since then, with AIS integration, all of the other improvements and constant bug fixes, plus the ability to use the same license on up to 5 machines, its a no brainer. Its like $8 a machine, thats unheard of.

    I salute Gene and hope people show some appreciation and support for this fully featured amazing budget software.

    Trevor Greenfield

  6. Ken Ferrari says:

    I use this product nearly every weekend to sail the Chesapeake and tidal Potomac – it’s installed on my Ubuntu netbook. I echo every positive sentiment expressed thus far. In addition, Gene has risen above every other technical support experience I’ve ever had. He has, on several occasions, taken the time to help me with problems (even though the problem was my lack of Linux knowledge, not with Polar Navy). Kudos, kudos, kudos!!!!!

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