Release 1.5 is out

Dear readers, I am glad to report that PolarView 1.5 is finally officially available!

It’s been an unusually long time since previous release. I’d like to think that this is a result of PolarView slowly becoming a more mature product with a more stable release lifecycle (and not simply tardiness on behalf of its developers ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

This release brings quite a few new features, particularly in the area of user interface and usability. We have also integrated an excellent ActiveCaptain Point of Interest data / guidebook, making it available for off-line use on board your boat.

However, much like boat work, navigation software development work is never “done”. The TODO list keeps growing, more features are planned and development continues.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new release. Your support, feedback and suggestions have been extremely valuable and are always appreciated!

If you have not seen it already, check out this new product introduction and tutorial video (coming soon to a theater near you):

8 Responses to Release 1.5 is out

  1. The new version is excellent. Great work and I’m a huge fan of the data integration focus you’ve put in. This is a fantastic product at a great price, and, thanks to the update, is becoming my principle computer navigation suite as well as the one I recommend to all of my students.

    And the video is quite good too. I think I learned a couple tricks just from watching it.

  2. Paul Vanderwood says:

    Hi G.:
    You’ve been working hard while the snow flies outside! Thanks for this update. Although early for the sailing season we like the Active Captain integration. Any luck with the BSB4 folks up in Canada?
    Thanks again!
    K & P

    • polarnavy says:

      Good thing I enjoy working on this application!

      On BSBv4 nothing so far. I feels as though without specific mandate by Canadian Hydrographic Service, there is little incentive to current BSBv4 holders to work with us. And CHS seems not to be extremely motivated to support new products. So – no joy there.

  3. Thanks. I *really* like what I see.

    Really excited with quickroutes, touch screen support and the overall cleanliness of the program. These are unique novel innovations i think.

    The product is very usable, even only with background map, for it’s excellent AIS / alarms functionality. Can’t wait to get to US waters with cartography download.

    ChartWorld, unfortunately, is prohibitively expensive when planning for bluewater cruising.

    Any plans for jeppesen C-map or navionics, either with MegaWide support??


    • polarnavy says:


      Thank you for the positive feedback!

      I’ve contacted both CMap and Navionics. So far, it does not look like either is really interested in working with us.
      – Both are only willing to provide a Windows-only binary SDK, which is not helpful to a product like PolarView that takes cross-platform compatibility seriously.
      – Both require licensing fees that are well in excess of what makes business sense. And in case of CMap – also require an exclusive CMap-only product, that does not support any other charts.
      – Both are available only as physical cartridges, that require proprietary cartridge reader hardware. This hardware alone costs more than PolarView ๐Ÿ™‚

      On the other hand, note that Navionics ENCs are available on Chartworld. These are S63 format chart packages converted from Navionics charts for the same region. Each Navionics ENC region is sold for Euro 150 at Chartworld. I found same regions in Navionics own format, as cartridges, to be sold for about Euro 250. Granted, in native Navionics format they also include satellite imagery and port information. However, since PolarView already provides that in other forms, the net result is that you get the same cartography for Eu. 100 less.

      There may be other S63 sources such as UK Admiralty, providing even more coverage.

      • True, they are available. Only thing is that to assemble fi. the MED one must purchase 16 X regions @ EUR 150 = EUR 2400. The equivalent MegaWide cartridge of the same area is appx EUR 325 here in the DK. ie appx 7.5 times more expensive.

        Guess things will move in the right direction with time … A recent breakup in proce structures is seemingly ongoing with the the advent of inavx on iphone etc.

      • polarnavy says:

        The Mediterranean is one area where CMap is simply less expensive than Navionics. Navionics chose to split up the Med. into many “regions”. Compare to Australia and NZ which is a single Navionics region.

        I don’t think iNavX is a sign of any change. If anything, it’s something that happened in pre-mobile times. They use a shared iNavX/MacENC/Fugawi chart service that licenses their data from Navionics and other sources. When I spoke to Navionics, this came up in conversation, and Navionics told me that while they licensed data in this manner in the past, this was a one-off deal, they were not particularly happy with the arrangement and were decidedly un-interested in having a similar agreement with anyone else again.

        IMHO chart makers, Navionics more so but also CMap, are trying to consolidate vertically with their own software to data to guides etc. As such, they are less interested in working with 3rd party products. Consider that Navionics mobile apps cost less than $20 for the same chart area that would cost $200 and above if purchased for use with another application. AFAIK no new 3rd party users were approved for eitheer CMap or Navionics in quite a while and it will only get tougher to do so in the future.

        I certainly hope things will change too.

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