Updated GRIB Demonstration Video

After a long while I finally got my hands on iMovie. Here is the result – a slightly updated, annotated video demonstrating use of GRIB viewer and download in PolarView. Enjoy! 🙂

2 Responses to Updated GRIB Demonstration Video

  1. donald.joyce9@gmail.com says:

    I’m really wowed by how much PolarView has progressed since I looked at it over a year ago. Very impressive. I agree with comments on Panbo. This is great.

    Do you plan to animate grib file displays? How about interpolation for times not at the standard GRIB intervals? Where are the GRIB files stored?

    Thanks for a great product


    • polarnavy says:


      Thanks for the positive feedback!

      It is all still a “work in progress” and likely will be for a while.

      To be honest, while I do get asked about GRIB animation, for now it’s on a “To research” list. It is a nice feature, yet it makes other functionality more complicated. For example – what do you do with route editing etc while GRIB is moving. PolarView design attempts to avoid having any “modality” – i.e. states where you can’t do certain things.

      That said, it is under consideration.

      Interpolation of GRIB data, whether in time or in space is a precarious process with potentially misleading results. NOAA weather models are quite complicated for a reason, and not particularly linear.

      As an example, compare intermediate values in 3 hour GRIB data vs. preceding/following values, that would be found in a 6 hour file.

      I feel that the role of PolarView, as a viewer, is to represent source data as faithfully as it can, whether it is charts, GRIB or otherwise.

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