PolarView NS Activation

Since the release of PolarView NS version 1.4 our licensing and activation process has changed to make it more user-friendly as well as support multiple activations per order. Here is a short description of terminology and entities involved:

– What is a PolarView NS installation:
Each PolarView NS installation is tied to a specific computer and operating system running on it. If you install PolarView NS on a new “physical” computer or if you replace an operating system on existing computer (such as going from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Linux, for example) – that copy of PolarView is a new distinct installation. Installations differ by the unique serial number which is generated by PolarView NS from properties of your computer and operating system.

– What is a PolarView NS serial number
PolarView NS serial number is a string of a form PNI-0000000000-1004037. The last component of this string indicates your product version. You can see your serial number by opening About dialog in PolarView NS.

Example of a PolarView NS serial number

– What is a PolarView NS license code

To enable PolarView NS functionality of a given installation, you need a license code. License code is a long string of hexadecimal numbers and, beginning with version 1.4, it is not usually necessary for a user to handle it directly. Each license code is generated for a specific serial number and turns on extended product functionality for a given installation with that serial number.
License code generated for one serial number cannot be used to enable a product with different serial number.

– What is a PolarView NS Activation
Activation is a process of getting the license applied to an installation of PolarView NS to make it work with a given computer and an operating system. During activation process, PolarView NS will contact our activation server, present its serial number and activation code and get back a license code.

– What is an activation code
Activation code is a string, usually of the form of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. If you order PolarView NS, you should receive your activation code in an email shortly after your order is accepted by payment processing system. Activation code has a specific number of activations (5 by default) assigned to it. Every time you use this code to activate a new copy of PolarView NS, you use one activation.
If you use the same activation code on PolarView NS with a serial number that was previously activated – no activations are subtracted from the total.
To avoid confusion, activation code may use numbers 1 and 0, not letters I and O.

Example of activation code entry

To use your activation code, open About dialog, switch to Activate panel, enter the code in the appropriate field and press “Activate Now”. If the code is correct, you will get a message notifying you that PolarView NS was successfully activated. You will need to restart PolarView NS to apply the new license. You must be connected to the Internet to use this activation method.

If your PolarView NS installation is not connected to the Internet, you can visit our activation web page (www.polarnavy.com/activate) from another computer. Please have your activation code and serial number from your PolarView NS available. You will enter them on the web page, and get back a license code. At that point, follow these original instructions for using a license code to activate PolarView NS.

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