PolarView NS 1.4 / PolarCOM 1.4

PolarView NS
– Built-in download of ENC vector charts
– Support for images (PNG/JPEG) georeferencing and display
– Better handling of BSB raster charts
– Select type of charts to display (raster vs. vector)
– Vessel set and drift display on a chart
– Multiple waypoint icons
– Multiple quick routes (can be used as Lines of Position for triangulation)
– Improved support for S57 rendering, including Navionics S57 charts (as sold by Chartworld)
– Improvements to Windows and cross-platform UI
– Large custom menus (touch-screen friendly)
– Better support for international charts and multiple other improvements and bug fixes
– New simplified licensing (serial number not needed during order)
– Complete PolarView NS navigation/AIS functionality is now available for a 30 day trial

– Set and drift calculation and instrument support
– Rudder angle indicator support (RSA message)
– Better data dampening
– Keyboard shortcut for configuration dialog

This release also discontinues the separate PolarView product name in favor of simplified naming. The product is now always PolarView NS, with activation required to use navigation functionality. This name/licensing change does not affect any functionality you have purchased a license for.

12 Responses to PolarView NS 1.4 / PolarCOM 1.4

  1. R Fairman says:

    Great upgrade But the big question you are going to get is how to geo ref an image and create the required xml file. Mapcal geo refs but cteate a dir file

    If polarview can geo ref an image then you will see a large migration away fron SeaClear to polarview.



    • polarnavy says:


      The basic way of georeferencing an image is to add it using Image Manager without any additional information. Once you do that, PolarView will prompt you with georeference form. Points in the image and their coordinates can be added to this form. They can also be edited at a later time by using “reference” button in Image Manager. So, you can georeference an image, look at the result, adjust, repeat.

      The XML file is a bit of a shortcut, for advanced users that happen to have a good quality georeference data and want to add images directly. I will post documentation for this XML file here on the blog a bit later.

      I think that no one single feature will make users instantly change over – any product acceptance is an incremental process. We’ll keep plugging at it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jason Taylor says:

    Great update. I’ll give it a try this evening on my Clarion MiND.

    any plans for outputting NMEA data, such as for interfacing with an autopilot?


  3. Anders says:

    I read somwhere that you are planning support for offline data with Google maps with satellite chart.
    Any idea introducing split screen functionallity with paralell cursor.

  4. Paul says:

    This is looking very good. Might want to use this for a research project I’m working on, how soon do you think you might have NMEA out to auto pilots completed?

    Also, could you post a video of how you use the Geo Referencing?

    • polarnavy says:


      NMEA output is likely to happen in stages, with routes/waypoints output to be available first, followed by the autopilot output. Tentatively by the end of the year.

      I plan to make an illustrated blog post on georeferencing an image shortly.

  5. Jean Marc says:

    Once again fantastic job. This version looks even better than the previous one. Love the quick zoom access via mouse wheel. Question: For those of us who bought Polar.com 1.3 any discount for Polar NS 1.4 upgrade?

    • polarnavy says:

      Jean Marc,

      Thank you for your comment!

      The upgrade for users that have an existing licensed product is free. You can install version 1.4 directly over the previous version and it should automatically pick up and apply an existing license to enable appropriate functionality fully.

      If you are interested in obtaining a new “activation code” to use with additional PolarView NS installations – there is a 50% discount for users who purchased a previously available single license. Users that are interested contact me by email (through the feedback page or directly) for a coupon code.

  6. Keith says:

    I have not found a better value than the Polarnavy software. Is there are better estimate yet as to when you will add autopilot NMEA out support?

    • polarnavy says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback!

      AP output is currently under active development and testing (my boat seems to follow AP directions well enough ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I expect it to be available in the next release, tentatively Q1 2011. The timeframe depends primarily on other project components.

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