New “orange” night palette for PolarCOM

I am trying to emulate the look of my old LCD nav. instruments. Is this red/orange glow warm enough?

6 Responses to New “orange” night palette for PolarCOM

  1. Richard Fairman says:

    The cones are responsible for our normal daytime vision. Cones detect both the wavelength (color) and intensity (brightness) of light that goes into our eyes and passes that information to our brain.

    The rods are responsible for our “night adapted vision”. Rods do not detect wavelength (no color), but are very sensitive to intensity (brightness) of light. They pass on only shades of gray to our brain. They only work at very low light intensities (dim light), are most sensitive to light at about 500nm (turquoise/cyan), and are blind to red light (around 620nm).

  2. Richard Fairman says:

    I think a full red would be best as the rods are blind to this and will not trigger back to day vision

    • polarnavy says:

      This is quite close to pure red (there is less than 10% of green in it) but I’ll try completely pure red too.

      One possible issue is that pure red may be a bit too dark since there is only so much brightness the LCD monitor can provide in single color.

  3. Greg Quinn says:

    Just wondering if you support using virtual serial ports to read the instrument data from? I’d like to use my existing chart program (sorry, but it does polar’s etc) and overlay your instruments on the top of the screen, but am having a bit of a challenge getting both to read the same data stream using a serial port splitter (

    • polarnavy says:

      I am not familiar with this particular VSP product, but as long as the “virtual” serial port appears as a COM port to the rest of the system – it should work just fine.

      One issue worth noting is that while all the data instruments will work fine without PolarView connection, any of the route-related data (estimated times/distances/XTE etc) require input of routing information from PolarView.

  4. Richard Fairman says:

    I have run PolarCom for several months now using virtual com ports via FransonGate. You can even daisy chain from another navigation program Try PolarView as its feature rich and has an uncluttered interface. You might even switch from your your own navigation progarm or run it in the background

    Rchard Fairman

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