A bit of a preview

If you read this blog, you may have noticed that I try to avoid talking about future releases and new options until they are actually ready to be released. Something about not putting a horse in front of a computer, or so the saying goes.

However, to get some early feedback and also keep everyone interested informed – this post is here. The next version (1.3) is under active development, scheduled to be released “very soon now”. The major new feature in that version is AIS support, including a few nice options not available elsewhere. Aside from AIS, however, this version brings a lot of other changes – hopefully all to the best.

A few most visible options are a new “Traditional” color scheme and a chart overlay showing scale/orientation/current position as well as distance and bearing in navigation mode.

This color scheme matches NOAA raster charts (in “day” colors) – sometimes too well.

Another upcoming change is an expected retirement of PolarIS “nameplate”. It is a nice name for sure, but it caused quite a bit of confusion among users expecting to find a separate application. So, from the next version on the name “PolarIS” is no more. Instead, there will be just PolarView and PolarCOM. With “navigation license” added PolarView will add a suffix “NS” (which stands for “navigation system”), as shown in the title bar of the screen shot above.

6 Responses to A bit of a preview

  1. Richard Fairman says:

    Look forward to AIS. I am at present writing a User Guide for Seaclear for a major publisher. I expect user base for Polar View will increase over the next few months so I can persuade publisher to include it in the list of projects for me. I love polar view as it the most uncluttered nav system out there and the Polar Com instruments are clear and easy to read under all conditions but would like to see red as the night option as that does not destroy night vision.

  2. Richard Fairman says:

    As your next release supports AIS will it display AIS base stations and Aids to Navigation as well as vessel targets. Vessel targets work in SC and Base Stations but cannot display Aids To Navigation via AIS. I am happy to beta test if needed

    R Fairman

    • polarnavy says:


      The short answer is: “no”.

      The longer answer is:
      In line with our policy of “keeping it simple” I considered AIS functionality and how a boater (someone like me) would use it. It came down to these core items:
      – Good vessel visualization (preferably to scale)
      – Easy access to essential vessel information
      – High quality and usable CPA algorithm (which properly advises on potential collision courses, while keeping “false alarms” to the minimum). This latter issue was the one I, personally, care about the most.

      Any other AIS features will be considered based on user response and interest. If there is sufficient demand for AIS beacon and base station support – it will be available.

  3. Richard Fairman says:

    I understand your reasons and love the unclutted interface. Sometimes nice features are software led and not user led. You must be very busy I look forward to the new Polar with AIS and again I am happy to beta test. I will certainly release test and feedback. If you need FOC documentation contact me. Once your user base gets larger I feel a publication coming on

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