PolarView 1.2/PolarCOM 1.2/PolarIS 1.2

The 1.2 release is an important maintenance release. It addes a few new features, and numerous improvements and fixes for user-reported issues. This release also brings up to date our Linux product versions with complete PolarIS functionality now available to Linux users. In addition, Mac version is now a universal binary supporting both Intel and PowerPC (G4) Mac systems.

– Display bearing and distance on each leg of current and navigation route
– Route reverse option
– Improved vessel marking when anchor alarm is set
– Better track handling (including distance and time calculation)
– Numerous improvements to ENC chart scaling and rendering
– Better support for Windows 7 (64 bit)
– Linux version update

– Added default dial panel for initial installation
– New ports with “autostart” option start immediately once added
– Analog BTN dial
– Light up currently selected alarm icons in alarm panel
– Improvements to NMEA parsing and calculation of wind, depth, XTE
– Better handling of serial port data

4 Responses to PolarView 1.2/PolarCOM 1.2/PolarIS 1.2

  1. Ole E. Mikkelsen says:

    Quite impressive! However still needs sailing experience with it. I didn’t se any AIS-display? Apart from that, still impressive, simple to use, intuitive UI. Especially I like that there is only one ZOOM-function integrated with up-and downscaling. I like that the program is in three logical parts, planning/routing(view), instrumentation(com) and actual sailing(is). Very good quilting, however PC might turn a bit slow(er) with many charts. Very easy chart installation, no problems with S57 and BSB. First product at reasonable price, covering S63, however I didn’t make it work with the testdataset from http://www.iho.org, hopefully my fault. Intuitive hotkeys and excellent quick guide documentation. Not bad at a good price! I’ll wait for an answer on my S63-question, and then consider buying. I was just about buing it 3 minutes ago. Might consider again..

    • polarnavy says:

      Thank you for the positive review! Feel free to post it on the net πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      I am sending you a separate reply regarding S63 charts, though it is a question that comes up quite often, so it may be a good idea to post the reply in FAQ section as well.

      AIS functionality is in the project plan, tentatively planned for Q2 this year, provided nothing else interferes.

  2. Ole E. Mikkelsen says:

    Just confirming that I tested S63 and it works perfectly.

    So I decided to buy, which I have done..Thanks for the help, and now I’ll be sofasailing with Polarview until spring comes..

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