Mac PowerPC Support

By “popular demand” we now provide Mac version of PolarView and PolarCOM as a universal binary supporting both Intel based systems as well as PowerPC (G4).

PowerPC based Mac systems are now becoming somewhat dated and may not support some of the optimizations available on Intel machines. Please set your expectations of our product performance accordingly.

Please note, that support for PowerPC based systems is limited. We provide this version on the “best effort” basis. If you encounter any issues while using PowerPC version of our products – feel free to contact us, but remember that platform specific issues may be difficult to resolve.

7 Responses to Mac PowerPC Support

  1. Richard McCall says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this for my MacBook. It seems everything else is written for Windows.

    I would love to find one the automatically runs from one chart to another, depending on the way you are traveling or plotting. Chasing Charts is a real pain!

    Will test these new programs and see how they are.

    Don’t have a website yet, but am setting up Spot and skype for my upcoming Atlantic cruise from NC down to Jacksonville, FL. Also setting up monitoring cameras front and rear to capture travel images.

  2. pieter says:

    I’ve beenlooking for this for my new I-mac

  3. RogerHq says:

    Support for PowerPC!
    That’s great!
    (Still using a 1,42 Ghz G4, why should I change?)

  4. Jan says:

    Thanks for continue supporting the PPC platform. This let me use my old PowerBook G4 as a robust navigation aid and is helping me keeping my energy consumption low. Thanks a lot for this wonderful program.

  5. Thank you for the support, we really appreciate that!

    • polarnavy says:

      I am glad to support it, although as time goes on – it becomes more difficult due to changes in various libraries and Apple development tools. There will be *some* point in time when it will have to be discontinued. Hopefully – not yet.

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