PolarView NS Installation

A few of our users asked about PolarView NS installation process, so here is the rundown:

  1. Download and install our free chart/GRIB viewer PolarView for your OS from here: http://www.polarnavy.com/main/download. Add charts, download GRIB weather, go ahead – use it 🙂
  2. Download and install our free NMEA multiplexor/instrument display PolarCOM for your OS from here: http://www.polarnavy.com/main/download. Add a serial port for your GPS receiver, set up a few dials (Position/SOG/COG are the most handy).
  3. Finally – order “Core Navigation License” (follow “ORDER NOW” link on PolarView NS page or visit our “shop” page for additional available licenses) and add it to PolarView. You will need your PolarView serial number for the order. Open “About” dialog and copy the serial number – as seen in image below.


Once your order is processed, you will receive an E-mail with a new license code to apply to your product.

Please note, that Core Navigation license is tied to the serial number you provide, which is unique for each computer system you have installed PolarView on. You will need a separate license for each computer you expect to use PolarView NS on. Individual users can purchase additional or replacement licenses covering functionality they already bought for a nominal fee of $9.99. See our “shop” page for additional details.

Apply the license code in the license dialog as shown in the image below:


At this point you will need to restart PolarView to activate the license.

The same process applies to purchasing AIS Module license.

We hope you enjoy using the additional functionality 🙂

3 Responses to PolarView NS Installation

  1. […] You will enter them on the web page, and get back a license code. At that point, follow these original instructions for using a license code to activate PolarView […]

  2. tom says:

    activation code, where is it?

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